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She dreams
of making music
but it's not music at all.

There is no melody,
no rhythm to her song.
Just the repetition
of the same-
disconnected notes

and over

As if the orchestra is
tuning their instruments.

Waiting for the tap of the baton
to bring the mess to order.

But she,
for one,
hopes that the maestro never arrives.

She loves to loose herself in the fuzzy-buzzing
twanging confusion of it all
The busy white noise
that fills her ears like cotton wool

She knows she could mend it
with the snap of fingers   
[bring the rhythm back]
the tap of a foot
[give it a bass line]
the rhythmic clapping
slow, purposeful.
[Make a beat for it to follow]

Start something bigger
than anything previously experienced

In this small static word of
TV snow storms and dial tones
Of broken space filled with
empty frames and fogged up lenses

But she won't.
For this is her harmonious discord
filling the darkness in her head
with thick white noise.
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September 16, 2012
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